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thumbnail 25 Kilates (25 kilos) (2008, Spain)

Event, Thriller , trackback

Director: Patxi Amézcua
Starring: Francesc Garrido, Aida Folch, Manuel Morón, Joan Massotkleiner, Héctor Colomé
Genre: Thriller
Duration: mins
Summary: Patxi Amezcua’s 25 Carat is an unsettling, fast-paced and brilliantly acted Barcelona underworld thriller that twists and winds its way through the lives of minor criminals in Barcelona’s underworld. There is the boxer turned debt collector, the bump-and-grab petty thief, the gambling addicted fence and the dirty cop looking to unload goods lifted from busts. Far from being master criminals, these are – for the most part – every day people simply trying to scrape by and, as a result, the film packs an emotional punch far greater than most.

“25 Carat is one of the surprising little gems of the year, a little film that deserves a lot of big praise.” (Twitch)

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