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thumbnail 44 Inch Chest (2009, UK)

Crime, Drama, Event , trackback

Director: Malcolm Venville
Starring: Ray Winstone, Ian McShane, John Hurt, Tom Wilkinson, Stephen Dillane
Genre: Crime, Drama
Duration: 95 mins
Rated: R
Summary: Provocative, outrageously profane and surprisingly tender amidst an explosion of unbridled testosterone, 44 Inch Chest explores the masculine ego at breaking point, testing whether fear is stronger than love. Colin (Ray Winstone) is in agony, shattered by his wife’s (Joanne Whalley) infidelity. However, he has friends who do more than stand by – they kidnap the wife’s French lover and hold him prisoner so that Colin can restore his manhood with revenge. A kangaroo court takes place and as the situation escalates Loverboy’s life hangs in the balance as Colin wrestles with revenge, remorse, grief and self pity, all the while egged on by his motley crew of friends who just want him to get on with it so they can get down the pub. The film also stars John Hurt, Ian McShane, Tom Wilkinson, Stephen Dillane, and Melvil Poupaud.

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