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thumbnail A Man Called Ove (2015 Sweden)

Comedy, Event, Genre , trackback

Director: Hannes Holm
Starring: Rolf Lassgård, Bahar Pars, Filip Berg
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 116 mins

Ove is a widower whose daily visits to his recently deceased wife’s gravesite end with his verbal promise to join her in the afterlife. His failures of self-annihilation are due more to bad timing than botched attempts-he is constantly interrupted by neighbors or some distracting event going on in his housing complex. Priding himself on his reliability, Ove feels compelled to stop killing himself to address each interruption. His clumsy attempts bring him into contact with the Persian family next door, and his growing friendship with them helps him reconnect with life. A heartwarming tale of unreliable first impressions and the gentle reminder that life is sweeter when it’s shared.

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