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thumbnail A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Contemplating Existence (2014, Sweden)

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Genre: Comedy
Duration: 101 mins

The Swedish director Roy Andersson’s Living Trilogy (‘Songs from the Second Floor’ & ‘You, The Living’) began 15 years ago and concludes with this sublime piece of filmmaking. Like the first two films in the trilogy, it is made up of mostly comic sketches with a cast of non-professionals in whose vacant stares we’re supposed to see ourselves. Andersson has said that he found his film’s unusual title in “The Hunters in the Snow”, a 1565 painting by Breughel the Elder of a hunting party returning to their village, dogs scampering round their feet, while in the distance, skaters whirl on a frozen lake. Above them all, a small cluster of birds are sitting in the treetops, simultaneously humble and aloof, peering down inscrutably on this pageant of human busyness. Andersson’s films take the pigeon’s eye view.

Screening Date: 17-Jul-16

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