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2020 season update

Eight Film Program

Dear Members,
We are very excited to announce a free Eight Film Program commencing on 14 October for our 2020 members.
Over many years the Newcastle Film Society (NFS) has built up some financial reserves to ensure continuity of the NFS’s future and to be used when we feel it is appropriate.  Therefore, the committee has made the decision to pay, out of its reserves, all the costs to hold this Eight Film Program, as a thank you to our members.


Thank you for your patience, support and loyalty over many years and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you also to those members who kindly offered to make their membership payment a donation to ensure we survive these uncertain times, a big thank you, however this will not be necessary.

What we are doing with your 2020 memberships

If you are a financial member in 2020, we will transfer your full membership to the 2021 film season, unless you advise us that you require a refund. This means next year you will not need to put in an application as you will automatically receive your membership card and 2021 program in the mail.

Eight Film Program

We have scheduled this Eight Film Program over four weeks with the following films to be screened on Wednesday and Sunday nights commencing at 7pm. Please ensure you get there early.

14/10 – Pain and Glory – Spain
18/10 – The Translators – French
21/10 – Mono’s – Colombia
25/10 – The Whistlers – Romania
28/10 – Woman at War – Iceland
1/11   – Marianne and Leonard – ‘Words of Love’ – UK
4/11   – The Eulogy – Australian
8/11   – Well End up Together – French

The films to be screened were part of our 2020 program. The Film Society website has been updated with the new screening dates.

COVID-19 and social distancing requirements

While it appears that COVID-19 numbers have reduced significantly, it is essential that we remain vigilant and strictly adhere to COVID-19 requirements regarding social distancing, sanitizing and wearing a mask if you feel the need.

Entering Event Cinemas

  1. Event Cinemas have kindly provided two cinemas to screen our films each night to help with distancing requirements. The Vmax cinema that we normally use will hold 240 patrons and Cinema 2 will hold 81 patrons.
  2. You will be required to scan the Event Cinema QR code on arrival at the cinema – COVID-19 safe policy requires us to have a digital copy of all attendees. To reduce queuing prior to entering the theatre Event Cinema staff will hand out a copy of the QR code so you can scan your details.
  3. You will still be required to show your membership card prior to entering the screening theatres.
  4. A committee member will be counting the number of members entering each theatre to ensure compliance with COVID-19 requirements.
  5. If you are sitting with friends or family members you may sit together, however you must leave a seats space behind and in front of you and one seat on each side.
  6. Event Cinema cleans and sanitizes each theatre after use.
  7. Importantly, please arrive early as theatre doors will be shut at 7pm and NO admission is allowed after this time.

We look forward to seeing you at the films.

Kind regards,
Paul Harrison