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thumbnail Ága (2018 Bulgaria)

Drama, Event, Genre , trackback

Director: Milko Lazarov
Starring: Mikhail Aprosimov, Feodosia Ivanova, Sergei Egorov
Genre: Drama
Duration: 96 mins

Bulgarian writer-director Milko Lazarov’s second feature brought down the curtain on the 68th Berlinale. An older Inuit couple Nanook and Sedna lead a solitary, self-sufficient existence in their yurt on a snow-covered plateau in this paean to a dying culture as global warming and the modern world encroach on their remotest of outposts. Spring is coming earlier than usual, ice fishing is no longer bountiful, and airplane exhaust trails cross the sky with ever-increasing frequency. Its impact relies heavily on Kaloyan Bozhilov’s majestic widescreen cinematography as Lazarov explicitly engages with one of the most famous and controversial ethnographic films ever made: Robert Flaherty’s Nanook of the North (1922), a landmark in early documentary that blends fiction and nonfiction aspects as it depicts the daily lives of Inuits in the Canadian Arctic.

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