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thumbnail Creation (2009, UK)

Biography, Drama, Event , trackback

Director: Jon Amiel
Starring: Paul Bettany, Ian Kelly, Guy Henry, Martha West, Anabolena Rodriguez
Genre: Drama, Biography
Duration: 108 mins
Rated: PG-13
Summary: Starring Academy Award winner Jennifer Connelly as Charles Darwin’s deeply religious wife, Creation depicts one mans heart-wrenching war between science and love. Darwin (Paul Bettany) is a warm and loving family man with revolutionary ideas who must evaluate the potentially devastating and irrevocable effect they could have on both society and within his beloved family. Based on the Darwin biography “Annie’s Box” by Randal Keynes (Darwin’s great great grandson), the film is a partly biographical, partly fictionalised account of Charles Darwin’s relationship with his eldest daughter, Annie, as he struggles to write “On the Origin of Species”.

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