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thumbnail Bacurau (2019 Brazil)

Genre, Sci-fi, Thriller , trackback

Directors: Juliano Dornelles, Kleber Mendonça Filho
Bárbara Colen, Thomas Aquino, Silvero Pereira
Sc-fi thriller
132 mins

Set a few years from now Bacurau begins like one of those feel-good movies white people enjoy watching about poor-but-noble brown people surviving against the odds. We couldn’t imagine ourselves managing in such circumstances, but god bless them for their courage. Deep in the north-eastern Sertão – the Brazilian outback – it mashes up many themes and influences, but is chiefly a scream of satirical defiance against new president Jair Bolsonaro, the far-right globaliser famously promising to make the country more open to foreign trade. This movie’s closing credits pointedly note that the production created 800 jobs.

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