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thumbnail Woman At War (2018 Iceland )

Black comedy, Genre , comments closed

Director: Benedikt Erlingsson
Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir, Jóhann Sigurðarson, Juan Camillo Roman Estrada
Genre: Black comedy
101 mins

Having conquered the theatre stages and TV screens of Iceland as a writer, director and performer, Benedikt  Erlingsson turned to feature films in 2013, where his brand of deadpan tragicomic humour once again struck a national nerve. His directorial feature debut, Of Horses and Men earned several Icelandic academy Edda awards. Here choir teacher by day, green renegade by night, Halla takes up this vital mantle on her quest to rid the Icelandic highlands of a Rio Tinto aluminium plant. When her long-forgotten application to adopt a child is suddenly approved, the down-to-earth insurgent must reconsider her notions of motherhood, civic duty and heroism.

thumbnail The Party (2017 UK)

Black comedy, Event, Genre , comments closed

Director: Sally Potter
Starring: Timothy Spall, Kristin Scott Thomas, Patricia Clarkson
Genre: Black comedy
Duration: 71 mins

Writer-director Sally Potter’s riotous tragicomedy is both a ghastly social function at which bourgeois lives unravel and the unnamed political opposition party through whose ranks Kristin Scott Thomas’s brittle anti-heroine Janet ascends. She’s the newly appointed shadow health minister, a careerist idealist who believes in ‘truth and reconciliation’ rather than shouting, punching and biting. Yet during the course of a single calamitous soiree, her right-thinking, left-leaning comrades will turn on themselves and one another in an increasingly farcical feeding frenzy. Indeed, when we first meet Janet, she’s pointing a gun at the camera, a harbinger of what’s to come in Potter’s short, sharp satire of love, politics and burnt vol-au-vents.

thumbnail The Square (2017 Sweden)

Black comedy, Event, Genre , comments closed

Director: Ruben Östlund
Starring: Claes Bang, Elisabeth Moss, Dominic West
Genre: Black comedy
Duration: 150 mins

A museum director desperate to make a success of his gallery stages a new installation called “The Square” to promote it. It began life as a real gallery installation at the design museum Vandalorum, Sweden in 2014, created by Ostlund in collaboration with producer Kalle Boman (“The Square is a sanctuary of trust and caring. Within it we all share equal rights and obligations,” read its manifesto). Not content with satirizing the art world, Östlund also ridicules the media’s insatiable appetite for controversy. Winner of the 2017 Palme d’Or at Cannes.