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thumbnail Thelma (2018 Norway)

Drama, Event, Fantasy, Genre , comments closed

Director: Joachim Trier
Starring:  Eili Harboe, Kaya Wilkins, Henrik Rafaelsen
Genre: Drama, fantasy
Duration: 116 mins

Thelma, a shy young student, has just left her religious family in a small town on the west coast of Norway to study at a university in Oslo. While at the library one day, she experiences a violent, unexpected seizure. Soon after, she finds herself intensely drawn toward Anja, a beautiful young student who reciprocates Thelma’s powerful attraction. As the semester continues, Thelma becomes increasingly overwhelmed by her intense feelings for Anja – feelings she doesn’t dare acknowledge, even to herself – while at the same time experiencing even more extreme seizures. As it becomes clearer that the seizures are a symptom of inexplicable, often dangerous, supernatural abilities, Thelma is confronted with tragic secrets of her past, and the terrifying implications of her powers.

thumbnail Suspiria (2018 Germany)

Event, Fantasy, Genre, Horror , comments closed

Director: Luca Guadagnino
Starring:  Chloë Grace Moretz, Tilda Swinton, Doris Hick
Genre: Horror, fantasy
Duration: 152 mins

Dario Argento’s 1977 landmark of horror clearly enthralled Luca Guadagnino (Call Me By Your Name, A Bigger Splash). His version in six acts with an epilogue has Susie Bannion, a sheltered Mennonite from Ohio, arriving in late Seventies Berlin to attend the prestigious Helena Markos Dance Academy. Immediately, she is hit with reminders of German history, from the Nazi era to the Berlin wall straight outside the academy’s doors. The Baader-Meinhof Gang throws bombs in the streets and danger is everywhere, especially inside the academy where Madame Blanc (Tilda Swinton) enlists Susie to perform in Volk, a modern dance piece where a wrong move can cause bodily injury…

Swinton stuns in the role, playing the chain- smoking taskmaster with an intensity and sudden flashes of warmth that make all the girls her slaves. The score from Radiohead’s Thom Yorke creates an inescapable feeling of melancholy and mystery.

thumbnail Terror Nullius (2017 Australia)

Comedy, Event, Fantasy, Genre , comments closed

Director: Soda_Jerk
Starring:  Tony Abbott, Angry Anderson, Tom Burlinson
Genre:  Comedy, fantasy, adventure
Duration:  54 mins

Hitch a ride into the dark heart of Australia with Soda_Jerk’s Terror Nullius, a blistering, badly behaved sample-based film that confronts the horror of our contemporary moment. Equal parts political satire, eco-horror and road movie, it’s a rogue remapping of national mythology, where a misogynistic remark is met with the sharp beak of a bird, feminist bike gangs rampage and bicentenary celebrations are ravaged by flesh-eating sheep.
By intricately remixing fragments of Australia’s pop culture and film legacy, Terror Nullius interrogates the unstable entanglement of fiction that underpins this country’s vexed sense of self. Following the success of The Was, their 2016 collaboration with The Avalanches, Soda_Jerk return with a work that’s dark, hopeful, irreverent and urgent. (Formed in Sydney in 2002, Soda_Jerk is a two-person art collective who work at the intersection of documentary and speculative fiction).

thumbnail Shape of Water (2017 USA)

Event, Fantasy, Genre, Romance , comments closed

Director: Guillermo del Toro
Starring: Sally Hawkins, Octavia Spencer, Michael Shannon
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Duration: 120 mins

In Guillermo del Toro’s new cold war-era film, Elisa, the cleaner at a shady Baltimore laboratory, swabs out the toilets alongside the hard-bitten Zelda. “Some of the best minds in the country,” sniffs Zelda disapprovingly, “and they still pee all over the floor in here.” Elisa is mute, unable to speak since she was a child. One morning a big metal tank is wheeled into the basement. It contains an exotic amphibian recently fished from a South American river. The creature is dangerous – it devours cats and human fingers. But Elisa is entranced and takes to stealing downstairs whenever she has time to spare, placing hard-boiled eggs on the rim of the tank and waiting for the beast to come and eat his lunch.
The Shape of Water isn’t simply a romance, but a B-movie thriller as well – which naturally means the clandestine meetings can’t last.

thumbnail The Red Turtle (2016 USA)

Animation, Event, Fantasy, Genre , comments closed

Director: Michael Dudok de Wit
Genre: Animation, fantasy
Duration: 80 mins

Studio Ghibli, the legendary Japanese animation house, chose Dudok de Wit as its first European collaborator. Founder, Haya Miyazaki, took a shine to his Father and Daughter which won a short animation Oscar in 2001. This stunning animated fable set on a desert island, creates a world so beautiful the characters need only wander around in it. The Red Turtle details extraordinary moments with animals and the elements but it’s really about the flow of life, embracing its primal glory and persistent melancholy, grasping essential sacrifices and the scarring of mistakes. Dudok de Wit captures an amazing journey of age, experience and responsibility. It’s a sublime picture.

thumbnail Tale of Tales (2015, Italy)

Event, Fantasy, Genre, Horror , comments closed

Director: Matteo Garrone
Starring: Salma Hayek, Vincent Cassel, Toby Jones, John C. Reilly, Shirley Henderson
Genre: Fantasy horror
Duration: 134 mins

Matteo Garrone’s Tale of Tales is based on three folk myths collected and published by the 16th-century Neapolitan poet and scholar Giambattista Basile, of whom the Brothers Grimm were big fans. Unlike the fairy tales we’re used to, there are no straightforward morals to be swallowed, and the ever-afters aren’t all that obviously happy. Sweet dreams quickly curdle to swirling nightmares. It is a masterpiece of black-comic bad taste and a positive carnival of transgression in which everything is treated with deadpan seriousness.

Screening Date: 7-Aug-16

thumbnail Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012, USA)

Drama, Event, Fantasy , comments closed

Director: Benh Zeitlin

Starring: Quvenzhané Wallis, Dwight Henry, Levy Easterly, Lowell Landes, Pamela Harper

Genre: Fantasy

Duration: 93 mins

Living in the bayous of Louisiana, literally at the end of the world is six year old Hushpuppy – with her Daddy, Wink. It may not seem much, but it’s a life valued by them and other residents of The Bathtub. Faced with both her hot-tempered father’s fading health and melting ice-caps that flood her ramshackle bayou community and unleash ancient aurochs, Hushpuppy must learn the ways of courage and love. Described as a mix of social and magic realism, this is a daring and moving film.

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thumbnail Låt Den Rätte Komma In (Let the Right One In) (2008, Sweden)

Drama, Event, Fantasy, Thriller , add a comment

Director: Tomas Alfredson
Starring: KÃ¥re Hedebrant, Lina Leandersson, Per Ragnar, Henrik Dahl, Karin Bergquist
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Duration: 115 mins
Rated: R
Summary: Based on the bestseller by John Ajvide Lindqvist, lonely, 12-year-old Oskar is regularly bullied by his stronger classmates. A new friendship develops when Eli, a pale, serious young girl who only comes out at night, moves in next door. Coinciding with her arrival is a series of inexplicable disappearances and murders. As the pair gets closer, Oskar discovers Eli’s dark secret, and as Oskar becomes more aware of Eli’s tragic plight, he cannot forsake her. However, Eli knows that to continue living, she must keep relocating. But when Oskar faces his darkest hour, Eli returns to defend him the only way she can.

“Best vampire movie ever.” (Washington Examiner)


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