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thumbnail Di Renjie (Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame) (2010, Hong Kong)

Action, Crime, Event, Thriller , trackback

Director: Hark Tsui
Starring: Andy Lau, Carina Lau, Bingbing Li, Chao Deng, Tony Leung Ka Fai
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Duration:  mins
Summary: Set in 689AD on the eve of the coronation of Empress Wu Zetian (Carina Lau), the first and only female emperor in Chinese history, the film opens to a series of mysterious deaths of loyal subjects which threaten to delay the inauguration of the Empress. Following the advice of her trusted imperial chaplain (who appears in the shape of a talking deer), Wu summons the intellectual court judge Di Renjie (Andy Lau, “Detective Dee”) from his exile – incurred eight years earlier for his objection to Wu’s ascent to power – to investigate the mysterious deaths and, by extension, the secret plots to overthrow Wu’s regime.

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