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thumbnail High Life (2018 France)

Event, Genre, Sci-fi , trackback

Director: Claire Denis
Starring:  Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, André Benjamin
Genre:  Sci-fi, adventure
Duration: 110 mins Rated R

Claire Denis reorients the sci-fi genre around bodies, babies and black holes in her masterfully mystifying event-horizon nightmare. Her English-language début doesn’t give a damn about physics and not just in the way that bodies tumble wrongly out of airlocks and nobody seems to spend a moment of their day engaged in cosmic problem-solving. In the science fiction of Denis’ forbiddingly austere and audacious imagining, the science is biology: Out here, we are not made of stars but of blood, hair, spit and semen.

A group of death-row inmates, imprisoned for crimes only ever vaguely outlined, have been offered commutation and a chance at redemption if they will man this mission to investigate the “Penrose Process” – a real-world theory propounded by physicist Roger Penrose whereby energy might be extracted from a region close to a black hole

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