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thumbnail Ida – Poland (2013)

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Poland 1962. Anna is a beautiful eighteen year old woman, preparing to become a nun at the convent where she has lived since orphaned as a child. Her Mother Superior orders her to visit her aunt in Lodz before she takes orders. Her aunt, she learns is not only a former hardline Communist state prosecutor, but also a Jew. Together, the two women embark on a voyage of discovery of each other and their past. Theirs is a journey into the heart of Poland’s church and state, into its Catholicism and anti-Semitism.

From acclaimed director Pawel Pawlikowski (Last Resort, My Summer of Love) and shot in luminous black and white. “I’m bored by the cinematic tricks of today. I wanted to make an anti-cinema film that’s a return to photographic qualities, to make a film that’s more like a meditation than a dramatic story.”

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