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thumbnail Le Dernier Trappeur (The Last Trapper) (2004, Canada)

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Director: Nicolas Vanier
Starring: Norman Winther, May Loo, Alex Van Bibber, Ken Bolton, Denny Denison
Genre: Doco, Drama
Duration: 101 mins

Norman Winther is one of the last trappers to live in harmony with the majestic Rocky Mountains. With his wife, Nebraska, a Nahanni Indian, and his faithful sled dogs, Norman takes us on a discovery of another world ruled by the seasons. Hikes through frozen winter, travels down stormy rivers and attacks by grizzlies and wolves are all part of a trapper’s daily life.Norman lives his life as though it were an artform in this world where blizzards often wipe out words. This film is a hymn to a land far above and to the magnificence of these vast, wild spaces.

Screening Date: June 10, 2012

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