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thumbnail Long Day’s Journey into Night (2018 China)

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Director: Bi Gan
Wei Tang, Jue Huang, Sylvia Chang
100 mins

Heading home to Kaili in Southwest China after more than a decade away, Luo Hongwu is desperate to find Wan Qiwen, the woman he loved, lost and hasn’t been able to get out of his head ever since. But just like their short-but-sweet romance, his memories prove fragmented, coloured by emotion and haunted by what could’ve been. Embracing the immersive possibilities of cinema like few contemporary arthouse filmmakers, 29-year-old Bi Gan plunges viewers into a textured tapestry of yearning and searching that strikingly transitions from 2D to 3D – the film won Best Cinematography award at the Golden Horse Film Festival. While the writer/director luxuriates in style as much as story, his sensual images and resonant narrative recall a melancholy, noirish dream in the key of early Wong Kar-wai.

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