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thumbnail Love Marriage In Kabul (2014, Iran)

Documentary, Event, Genre , trackback

Director: Amin Palangi
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 85 mins

A lovingly fashioned tale of the brokering of a marriage amidst the ruins of a country impoverished by decades of war. Mahboba Rawi, founder of Mahboba’s Promise, is an Afghan-Australian woman dedicated to help Afghan orphans. Abdul, one of the first orphans she saved, is in love with Fatemeh. They want to marry, but Fatemeh’s father wants to give her to anyone who offers the largest dowry. Devastated, Abdul is hoping when Mahboba arrives in Kabul, she will help to make his marriage happen, but Fatemeh’s father has unexpected demands. He wants 10,000 Australian dollars or a wife for his eldest son to replace Fatemeh in the household. The fate of the couple hangs on Mahboba’s ability to negotiate, but she only has one month and limited resources.

Screening Date: 2-Oct-16

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