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thumbnail McCabe & Mrs Miller

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Directed by Robert Altman, starring Warren Beatty and Julie Christie with a soundtrack by Leonard Cohen.
Robert Altman’s film is a western quite unlike any other. It has in fact been described as an anti-western.

Gone are the heroic, alpha-male and defenseless female archetypes, the numerous and gratuitous gunfights and the proud American spirit. In their stead is a quiet, moody and subtle depiction of frontier life on the cusp of a changing America. The film effectively debunks the myth of America’s ‘old west’ and presents characters and situations that are nuanced and resonant; men who are weak, women who are guarded, violence that is random and senseless, and pillars of American society that are corrupt. Altman’s style is unmistakably distinct – the overlapping conversations, the gorgeously hazy cinematography, and the meandering nature of the film all lend it an entirely authentic and human quality.

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