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thumbnail Night Train to Lisbon (2013, Switzerland)

Event, Genre, Mystery, Romance , trackback

Director: Bille August

Starring: Jeremy Irons, Christopher Lee, Mélanie Laurent, Jack Huston, Lena Olin

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Romance

Duration: 111 mins

Raimund is a Latin teacher. He saves a young woman on a bridge in the Swiss city of Bern from jumping to her death. The woman disappears, leaving only her coat. Inside, a book by a Portuguese doctor contains a train ticket. Intrigued, he uses it to set off on a journey to Lisbon, a journey which ultimately transcends time and space, touching on matters of history, philosophy, and medicine, encountering love and evolving into a liberating search for the true meaning of life. Directed by Bille August and starring Jeremy Irons. August is a Danish Academy award winning film director who is one of only six directors to win the Palme d’Or twice.

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