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thumbnail Nocturnal Animals (2016 USA)

Drama, Event, Genre, Thriller , trackback

Director: Tom Ford
Starring: Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon
Genre: Drama, thriller
Duration: 115 mins
Rated R

A terrifying thriller for adults. At its heart, it’s about how the choices we make can devastatingly affect our lives and how violently divided urban and rural America is. Susan Morrow (Amy Adams) is a Los Angeles art gallery owner married to a high flying entrepreneur. She’s been divorced for twenty years from a writing teacher and novelist (Jake Gyllenhaal). When she receives his new novel, dedicated to her, we see it as she reads it. The “real” events of the film are all about a woman facing a mid-life crisis, while the novel is a nightmarish tale of rednecks terrorising a young family in West Texas. The tone and style of the film embraces both stories, linking and interweaving them to create a whole that is genuinely disturbing.

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