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thumbnail Of Horses and Men – Iceland (2013)

Comedy, Event , trackback

The director is Benedikt Erlingsson, an actor-turned-film-maker who performed in Lars von Trier’s Gervaisesque comedy The Boss Of It All. He brings something of Von Trier’s deadpan humour to this film. The original Icelandic title is Hross í oss, that is ‘Horse in Us’.

A collection of interlocking fables about a group of rural Icelanders’ relationships with their horses and each other, and which run the gamut from stony-black comedies of sex and death to chilly meditations on the blind cruelty of fate. Almost everything happens in the great Icelandic outdoors: a colossal and wildly beautiful valley plain that is like a giant natural stage. The human inhabitants are smallholders and horse breeders who take a certain curtain-twitching interest in each other’s business.

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