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thumbnail One Night the Moon (2001, Australia)

Drama, Musical , trackback

Director: Rachel Perkins

Starring: Paul Kelly, Kaarin Fairfax, Memphis Kelly, Kelton Pell, Ruby Hunter

Genre: Drama/Musical

Duration: 57 mins

Rated: M

Summary: In early 1932, Jim Ryan (Paul Kelly), Rose Ryan (Kaarin Fairfax, Kelly’s then wife) and their only daughter Emily (Memphis Kelly, their real life daughter) settle in outback Australia. On night, Emily steps out of her bedroom window, fascinated by the full moon beaming down on a dramatic landscape. Distraught and terrified, her mother and father call the police to search for her, but when Albert (Kelton Pell) the black tracker police constable turns up to help, the father refuses to let him – or any other blackfella – on his property, despite the Sargeant’s (Chris Haywood) insistence that Albert’s the best tracker around. When the search party fails to find Emily and the days stretch to weeks, her mother seeks out Albert for his help. Based on a true story.

“A truly original work. One Night the Moon is a marvellous achievement for Australian cinema.”        (Urban Cinefile)

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