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thumbnail Starstruck – Australia (1982)

Comedy, Event, Musical , trackback

Starstruck was the creation of screenwriter Stephen MacLean based on his own experiences of growing up at a struggling pub at which his mother worked as a barmaid, whilst raising her four children. MacLean was a classic film connoisseur and in particular, a lifelong Judy Garland fan. It’s no accident that Starstruck follows the same basic formula of many of the Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney musicals of the 1930s and 40s – two crazy kids decide to ‘put on a show’, usually helping a friend or family member out of calamity and finding fame and fortune at the same time. Themes of stardom, ambition and patronage from other MacLean favourites such as Sunset Boulevarde (1950) and All About Eve (1950) also find their way into the story. Gillian Armstrong’s second film is a playful tribute to those who dream big. With tunes by Phil Judd and Tim Finn of Split Enz.

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