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thumbnail Streetsweeper (2007, Australia)

Drama, Event , trackback

Director: Neil Mansfield


Genre: Drama

Duration: 75 mins

There are few feature films made in Australia that fall into the category of art cinema. Those of Paul Cox, such as The Diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky (2001), come to mind but they adhere to relatively conventional genre patterns when compared to Newcastle filmmaker Neil Mansfield’s self-funded effort. Written by the director and Marin Mimica who plays the only character in the film (an eccentric who spends his days as a self-appointed streetsweeper and his nights camping out wherever he can find shelter) it is in part an empathetic portrait of a loner who finds poetry in the ordinary, and in part an ode to the strangely alienating world of the city (any city), here beautifully captured by cinematographer Toby Ralph. Streetsweeper is inspired by the great “street films” of Antonioni, Godard, Jarmusch, Kiarostami, Linklater, Tati, Vertov & Wenders.
Best Film Award at the 2008 Anchorage Film Festival

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