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thumbnail The Belier Family (2015, France)

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The Belier Family (2015, France)
Director: Eric Lartigau
Starring: Karin Viard, François Damiens, Eric Elmosnino, Louane Emera, Roxane Duran
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 106 mins

A box office smash in France in 2015 that finds humour and inspiration in a disability. Dairy farmers Rodolphe and Gigi Belier are deaf, as is their young son Quentin. The one fully-abled Belier is 15-year-old daughter Paula, who plays an essential role in running the family business. This puts a lot of pressure on a girl yearning to be accepted by her peers and starting to think fondly of the opposite sex. Rodolphe, driven mad by the incompetence and corruption of the local mayor, decides to run for office himself, with the slogan “I Hear You” and Paula must translate her father’s speeches and interviews. At first, Paula has no idea she can sing, but when cute classmate Gabriel signs up for choir she follows his lead. Paula discovers a God-given talent for singing, but how do you break the news to your deaf family that you want to be a singer?

Screening Date: 16-Oct-16

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