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thumbnail The Daughter (2015, Australia)

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Director: Simon Stone
Starring: Geoffrey Rush, Anna Torv, Miranda Otto, Sam Neill, Paul Schneider
Genre: Drama
Duration: 100 mins

The debut feature from Australian theatre director Simon Stone is an adaptation of his stage reinterpretation of Henrik Ibsen’s, The Wild Duck. The story concerns two families whose skeletons are hauled out of the closet with the arrival of Christian (Paul Schneider), an on/off the wagon alcoholic returning for the marriage of his father Henry (Geoffrey Rush) to a much younger woman. Stone has said that when he sat down to write the screenplay he had neither Ibsen’s text nor his own theatrical adaption on his desk or in his mind. What he clearly did retain however, is both his innate understanding of the playwrightÕs original aims and a keen sense of small-town class tensions. The cast includes Sam Neill, Ewen Leslie, and Miranda Otto.

Screening Date: 14-Aug-16

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