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thumbnail The Distinguised Citizen (2016 Argentina)

Comedy, Event, Genre , trackback

Directors: Gastón Duprat, Mariano Cohn
Starring: Oscar Martínez, Dady Brieva, Andrea Frigerio
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 118 mins

Taciturn novelist Daniel Mantovani has an ambivalent relationship to fame: it’s brought him the kind of wealth few authors can ever imagine, yet he’s concerned such success means he’s not the challenging writer he was at one time. All this is conveyed in the opening scene when Daniel receives the Nobel prize and voices his fears. Five years later, the Barcelona-based author remains too much in demand, relying on assistant Nuria to politely decline most offers, until he gets a letter from his hometown of Salas, a seven-hour drive from Buenos Aires. It’s been four decades since he’s been back, despite using Salas as the setting for all his stories. To Nuria’s surprise he accepts the invitation to receive the town’s Distinguished Citizen award.
Oscar Martínez (Wild Tales) as Daniel won Best Actor at the 2016 Venice Film Festival.

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