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thumbnail The Fencer (2014 Finland)

Drama, Event, Genre , trackback

Director: Klaus Härö
Starring: Lembit Ulfsak, Märt Avandi, Kirill Käro
Genre: Drama
Duration: 99 mins

A fictional account of the legendary Estonian fencing master Endel Nelis. It’s 1952 and in an effort to evade Stalin’s secret police, Endel flees his home in Leningrad and arrives in the far flung Estonian town of Haapsalu. Nelis, determined to start a quiet new life, accepts a job as a gym teacher at the local school where he is frustrated by a lack of resources and the indifference of the principal. When Endel locates a few foils in the gym, he decides to start an after-school fencing club for the kids, many orphaned as a result of the Russian occupation. By the time Endel takes his new fencing team to compete against other schools in Leningrad, there is much more at stake than winning. Tuomo Hutri’s cinematography beautifully captures the wintry, desolate landscape.

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