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thumbnail The Florida Project (2017 USA)

Drama, Event, Genre , trackback

Director: Sean Baker
Starring: Brooklynn Prince, Bria Vinaite, Willem Dafoe
Genre: Drama
Duration: 115 mins
Rated R

Tells the story of a precocious six year-old and her ragtag group of friends whose summer break is filled with childhood wonder, possibility and a sense of adventure while the adults around them struggle with hard times. Director Sean Baker continues his celebration of communities on the margins, in a movie that vibrates with compassion and energy. Willem Dafoe ties the movie together under his troubled brow as the building’s harried manager, Bobby. Dafoe is known from his tortured roles, but this creation – a delicate blend of protector, fusspot and secret survivor – is his richest, most lovable piece of work yet.

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