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thumbnail The Red Turtle (2016 USA)

Animation, Event, Fantasy, Genre , trackback

Director: Michael Dudok de Wit
Genre: Animation, fantasy
Duration: 80 mins

Studio Ghibli, the legendary Japanese animation house, chose Dudok de Wit as its first European collaborator. Founder, Haya Miyazaki, took a shine to his Father and Daughter which won a short animation Oscar in 2001. This stunning animated fable set on a desert island, creates a world so beautiful the characters need only wander around in it. The Red Turtle details extraordinary moments with animals and the elements but it’s really about the flow of life, embracing its primal glory and persistent melancholy, grasping essential sacrifices and the scarring of mistakes. Dudok de Wit captures an amazing journey of age, experience and responsibility. It’s a sublime picture.

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