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thumbnail The Unknown Saint (2019 Morocco)

Comedy, Genre , trackback

Director: Alaa Eddine Aljem
Younes Bouab, Salah Ben Saleh, Bouchaib Semmak
100 mins

A lonely, arid hill topped by a barren tree..  easily recognizable and therefore the perfect place for a Moroccan thief to hurriedly bury his loot. He makes the spot look like a lone grave as police sirens can already be heard. This first feature from writer-director Alaa Eddine Aljem kicks off after the release from jail of the unnamed offender, simply called ‘the thief’. He immediately travels back to the hill in question. But the grave that suddenly turned up overnight, has in the meantime become a place of pilgrimage. A sacred mausoleum has been built upon his stash surrounded by a holy water fountain, a gift store and an entire village to accomodate the pilgrims that the shrine attracts. Aljem manages to reap much humor from this situation and a cast of eccentric village characters.

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