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thumbnail Unmade Beds (2009, UK)

Comedy, Drama , trackback

Director: Alexis Dos Santos

Starring: Fernando Tielve, Déborah François, Michiel Huisman, Iddo Goldberg, Richard Lintern

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Duration: 92 mins


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Axl, (Fernando Tielve), is a 20-year-old Spaniard in London, searching for his English father who vanished when he was a baby. Déborah François is Vera, a young ­Belgian woman who is trying to forget her past as she tries to move on from a failed romance. Axl and Vera live in a transient world of squats and hostels. His nights consist of drinking, dancing, and waking up in strange beds with even stranger people. Meanwhile, Vera has her sights set on someone with whom she can spend a night without commitment. Their paths never cross until fate steps in as their stories come together in the melting-pot of 21st century London.

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