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thumbnail Winter Sleep – Turkey (2014)

Drama, Event , trackback

Directed by Nuri Bige Ceylan.

We watch a failing marriage unravel in a mountaintop hotel on the Anatolian steppe. The proprietor is Mr Aydin, a retired actor who carries himself like a Shakespearean king, and whose many business interests pervade the village down below. He’s also researching a history of the Turkish theatre and, in the evenings, writes a pompous column for the local newspaper, ‘Voice of the Steppe’. Aydin’s much younger wife, Nihal, and his divorced sister Necla, live with him at the hotel. As the quiet season approaches, the tourists depart, and the snow-clouds gather overhead. With next-to-no guests to care for, Aydin, Nihal, Necla and a handful of their associates from the village are left with little to do, and the resentments of the last few months begin to wake.

Winner of the Palme d’Or at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.

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