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thumbnail Youth (2015, Italy/UK/ Switzerland)

Drama, Event, Genre , trackback

Director: Paolo Sorrentino
Starring: The Retrosettes, Gabriella Belisario, Harvey Keitel, Alex Macqueen, Michael Caine
Genre: Drama
Duration: 124 mins

Michael Caine takes centre stage as famous conductor Fred Ballinger, holed up in a classy resort in the Swiss Alps and shunning civilization. Sneering at an offer from the Queen to return to the British stage in the very first scene, he instead spends his days roaming around the resort and reminiscing about more productive times with Mick (Harvey Keitel), his filmmaker pal. Mick at least thinks he can still deliver, as he spends long hours at the resort trying to write his comeback picture with a team of young writers called Life’s Last Day. With each new twist, director Paolo Sorrentino stays one step ahead of his audience, building a narrative that skips along at an enthralling pace.

Screening Date: 12-Jun-16

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